Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Story that Made Duffy Cry

Tuesdays at the house are really packed. I get home from work sometime around 6, and we usually want to have a decent dinner together. This means cooking, which is no biggie, but I teach bass lessons at 7:30, and that does make everything compact.

Well, last night was really, really packed together . . . most of the dinner was made by 7:15, and I finished eating right as Jesse arrived for the lesson (we never got to the potatoes, which were still cooking at this time). In a perfect world, I would have just finished bathing CJ right before every-other lesson, but that couldn't happen this time. So, as I'm teaching away, Duffy took CJ up for his bath and read him a story.

Just as I was finishing up, Duffy came back down - no fussing from upstairs. I asked her how bedtime went & she admitted to crying. Very pregnant hormones and reading The Velveteen Rabbit apparently do not mix. I was told CJ simply looked confused as his mommy cried.

Of course, I'm not writing this to make fun of my pregnant wife (sure, I may tease her mercilessly, but it's always meant in fun), but to talk about The Velveteen Rabbit. Obviously, there is a big part of the root of Calvin and Hobbes in there. Did you have a Velveteen Rabbit? If so, what was it? Mine was Lion Kitty Cat (pictures coming this weekend). I went everywhere with Lion Kitty Cat. I remember making a big fuss at an airport, as I didn't want to part with my little friend to put him through the X-Ray machine. Of course, once he went through, he told me on the other side that it was fun & that he wanted to go through again. What about you? What did you have that you "made real with love"?

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