Friday, April 23, 2010

Easter and Our Big Fat Greek Baptism and Other Stuff

Big stuff happenin' here in April. Easter was a typical holiday in that everyone played pass the baby, and John and I got to eat a meal with both hands.

On April 10th, we had CJ's baptism, or should I say Demetrios' because that is his baptismal name. Baptism in the Orthodox church is a big deal and gets a ceremony all its own for each baby. I know some western churches have it as part of the Sunday service or do multiple babies at once. Nope. We do it up right including spitting on Satan and full baby nudity. CJ was a trooper. No crying at all! Though he kept trying to suck on the priest's finger when he was being blessed with the oil. Alex is his godmother, and she showed major stamina. It's not easy to hold a baby for the better part of an hour.
Of course along with the complete ceremony must come a proper party. We had everyone over to the house for a cookout. At one point, I did feel like I was in the middle of a feeding frenzy while everyone was helping themselves to food in the kitchen, but I think it was a great day. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

CJ is quite enjoying solid foods. Bananas and apple sauce top the favorites list with sweet potatoes right up there too. Less interesting are avocados and peas. Next week we move on to carrots. I am excited to use an awesome new gadget we were given by our honorary grandmother, Gray. It cooks the food and purees it too. Recently, we have started using a sippy cup for some water to help wash down the good. For some reason, he finds the sippy cup hysterical and laughs as much as he drinks. If you have met him, you know how infectious CJ's laugh is. Mealtimes are highly entertaining.
He is also sitting up on his own with only momentary imbalances. Rolling over seems to be a nocturnal activity because we find him all over the crib. John found him up on all fours the other morning. I have asked him to put off crawling until 2.0 is at least a month old, but I don't think CJ is listening.
2.0 is doing exactly what a fetus is supposed to do, get bigger and push Mommy's insides around a lot. We have another ultrasound on Monday, so hopefully we will know if we are indeed getting a Boy 2.0 or a Girl 1.0. Stay tuned!