Monday, February 1, 2010

I Kinda Like Him

In three days CJ will be three months long. I am starting to like him. Yes, from the moment he was put into my arms I have loved him, but now, he's getting fun. He laughs and smiles and plays. He will actually look at the book for a moment or two while we are reading. I think he has even started watching the movement of the TV screen which is fun, but also means I am trying to keep it off more. We had a friend's two-year-old daughter over for a visit, and she was watching Sesame Street. CJ was in his swing which does have a view of the TV. When Elmo's World came on, I swear, he turned his head and watched the whole thing. He even laughed. Here are pictures.

 He is also really in control of his neck and loves to sit in the Bumbo chair we have thanks to the Layous.
He definitely wants to be part of it all, always preferring to be on someone's lap if we are eating than playing or swinging by himself. We make have to get a high chair just to keep him happy, not for eating.
Our one real hurdle has been Coltrane's development of one highly stuffy nose. I spend a good bit of the day holding him down so I can shoot him up with saline and suck all the gunk out. It's very pleasant for both of us. Really. I am usually a winter fun kind of a person, but I hope Phil doesn't see his shadow tomorrow if it means an end to the nose fun.
The pregnancy is motoring along at full speed. I have started to pop out a little and the weight gain is going at an alarming rate. I think I felt the baby move this weekend, but it could have been a muscle spasm. I am on the look out. If we get to know the gender, it won't be until 32 weeks at the next ultrasound. 2.0 wouldn't cooperate last time. 

Life is good. We are really enjoying being parents, even the rough patches like last night. My only complaint I can think of at the moment has to do with baby and kids stuff. I cannot believe how much the kid industry pushes gender stereotypes. EVERYTHING is "boy" or "girl". Even white socks are label as boy socks and girl socks, and they always seem to work a flower on something for a girl or a truck on something for a boy. It's absurd. However, that is my only complaint, so I go back to the beginning of the paragraph.