Thursday, May 20, 2010

Little Dude Stayed Awake

Mondays & Wednesdays are hard for me. They always start the same - sleep gets interrupted in some fashion (usually the dogs starting to stir or CJ starts fussing -- sometimes the alarm actually manages to chirp at 5:00, but that's rare). I get up, change the baby (assuming Duffy hasn't already done this), hand the baby do Duffy, and deal with the dogs. After walking & feeding the ungrateful little bastards, I push myself to work out, then I shower, then I dress, then I'm out the door.

My little bit of morning time with CJ on Mondays & Wednesdays is quite limited, and during it, neither of us actually awake during that shared time.

Of course, I then spend all day working. After work on Monday, it's a quick dinner and then symphony rehearsal. On Wednesdays, it's straight to band practice. I get back to the house only after CJ has gone to bed (and, to be honest, it's not long until I fall asleep, myself).

So last night was a bit of a treat - I get home around 9:30, walk in the door, make two bottles for overnight, head to the bedroom to find an awake little dude. We got to play for about half an hour, and it was very sweet. He had a real fascination with my nose. And I'm pretty sure that I need to keep the beard at least long enough so that the kid understands what facial hair is, though I wouldn't mind if he stopped trying to pluck whiskers off of my face.

Of course, in the course of playing, I placed him face down on the bed and proceeded to watch him pull himself closer to the edge (Cosmo had just jumped down, and apparently following the black dog was something that just had to be done). I won't say it was a "real crawl", but it was pretty darn close -- normally, when he tries to make himself go, he gets frustrated once he realizes he's moving in reverse, and this time he was certainly moving in the direction he intended to.

So, our hopes of not having to deal with a mobile child when Leila joins us may be futile.

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