Monday, June 13, 2011

Is That a Pink Plus Sign?

I never thought I would see that little symbol. But there it was on a day late in October 2009, five weeks before our adoptive son was due to be born. Well, it ended up being two weeks before Coltrane's arrival that Leila made her presence known. So nothing has really gone according to plan, but when does it ever?
Approximately nine months later, I was numbed from the chest down, holding John's hand when we heard our daughter for the first time. I spent the rest of the day attempting to breastfeed. Because of the anesthesia, every time I tried to look down at her, I threw up, so I was feeding her with my head tilted back. I must have been a pale, clammy mess because the next day everyone just kept saying how much better I looked. So apparently, it was a rough day. I never noticed.
Happy Birthday, Leila. You are my wonderful drama queen of a Little Miss. Thanks for being my daughter.

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