Thursday, March 17, 2011

The fun of being a parent

We haven't posted here in awhile, so I figured I'd talk about this morning - because, after all, a "random morning" is a pretty good way to figure out how parenthood is treating us, right?

  • Alarm goes off at some ungodly hour

  • Walk, feed dogs

  • Lie back down

  • Duffy: "I'll get up to run as soon as I get CJ back to sleep".

  • *whoosh*

  • Duffy: "Aaaaaaagh"

  • Me: "What the hell happened?"

  • Wife: "He puked on me!"

  • Me (getting up for paper towels): "That sucks"

  • Wife: "It's in my ear!"

  • Son: pukes all over bed

  • Me (picking up son): "let's change you"

  • Son: pukes all over me

  • Me (under breath): "Lovely"

  • Daughter: starts laughing maniacally

  • Duffy runs into the shower to clean the puke from her hair/ear

So, that was this morning in Casa de Batzer. The fun started at 4:20 when the alarm went 5:30, Duffy admitted that she was too frustrated to work out (and, besides, she had already showered, so what was the point?), and since I knew I wasn't going to get back to sleep, I went downstairs to spin.

Since we haven't posted here in awhile, some updates are in order.

  • CJ is up and running around . . . has been since he was 10 months old, but he's getting more & more sure on his feet every day.

  • Leila is doing a whole lot of rocking on her hands & knees, and if you turn your back on her, she mysteriously moves across the room. I'm not sure if she's crawling, but she can get where she wants to go, as long as you're not looking at her.

  • CJ is saying an isolated word or two. For example, the other day I went to change his diaper pointed at myself, said "I'm daddy" and then pointed at him and said "and you're CJ." CJ then pointed at himself and said, clearly "Ceej". Duffy said that, yesterday, when she went to change his diaper, he said "diaper" from the changing table.

  • Leila babbles incessantly, but doesn't say much outside of "dadadadadada" and "mamamamamama" (and she uses them interchangeably when looking Duffy or me, so I'm not sure there's a whole lot of actual meaning behind them) and "dididididididi" when she's really pissed off.

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