Monday, June 7, 2010

Teething, Parental Panick, and When Is She Coming Out Already?

The last week and a half have seen an increase in the teething arena. More chewing, more fussing, the usual. Saturday afternoon CJ and I were lying around in bed while John ran some errands (I can't sit in a chair anymore and hold the kid, so we are in bed a lot.), and the poor kid was just rolling and fussing and NO BOTTLE and NO SLEEP JUST WANT TO FUSS, MOM! Finally he grabbed my finger to chomp on (still not sure why we waste money on teething rings. He will always choose the finger.), and there it was. The needle sharp tip of his left, bottom, front tooth. After the OW! came a YAY! then texting everyone and finally a small nap. We're still dealing with a lot of the fussiness and way too much of the fighting sleep because I think the right one is not too far behind the left. Still CJ's worst fussiness is really not that bad.
Saturday night held an adventure too. John's band, Landslide, had their first gig at The Hanover Grille in Carlisle. Because I have a loving cousin who will babysit anytime, I got to go see them for a while. They rock. I had fun. I picked CJ up a little before midnight. When we got home, we were both pretty tired, but he wasn't quite ready to go back to sleep, so I made a bottle to help convince him. As I said, we are hanging out in the bed a lot, so that's where he finally crashed. I was too tired to take him to his crib, so I just piled pillows around the bed and crashed myself. Apparently, John got home around 2 AM, and I was so out that even the dogs barking did not wake me up. John put the baby in the crib, then went downstairs as he still was juiced up from the awesome performance. Something jolted me awake, and there was no baby next to me. I wasn't expecting John home for another hour. I started throwing blankets and pillows and praying he hadn't fallen under the bed or something. He was nowhere! Finally my brain clicked on enough to check the nursery, and there he was safe and sound. I was more awake but not awake enough to figure out what had happened. I was trying to decide if I had sleep-parented when John having heard me, came upstairs. It was a very odd moment. Still, better than baby under the bed.
As to the baby who is still a parasite, it looks like unless she decides differently, she will be coming out on the 14th via c-section as she is what they call Frank Breech or butt down. I still have hope of her turning, but she is a Batzer baby in a Baker body. There ain't much room for her to do anything in there. Those of you on Facebook and Twitter, keep an eye out for any further developments. We will update the blog ASAP, but FB and Twitter will be faster.

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