Sunday, December 6, 2009

We've Survived a Month

We've been parents for a month, and the little guy is still alive and, dare I say, happy and health. We see his peepers more and more every day, but sleeping is still taking up the majority of his time. When he is awake, he takes watching the lights on his bouncy seat very seriously. He is also already used to doggie kisses. (The dogs were also essential to answer the doctor when he asked if CJ startled.) And never in my life have a met a more vocal baby, not in the crying sense. He's quite the squeaker.
With more awake time, we have started reading stories. So far, The Hungry Caterpillar seems an early favorite. Snuggle Puppy not so much, mostly because it means I have to sing. Even at a month old, the kid knows what music is supposed to sound like.
We managed to get the Christmas tree up this week, though it took two tries due to parental exhaustion.

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